About Me

Hi, my name is Steve Seabury, and I am a fourth generation Higgins Beach kid.  Growing up, our family cottage was located at the top of Ashton Street, and my brother started a new trend in the early 1990's by tearing down the old cottage and rebuilding not a home but a winterized cottage style structure on the property.  The family still owns that property.

About that same time, I purchased my first cottage at Higgins on Vesper Street.  About two years later, I was able to purchase the abutting cottage behind me which was well known by many as Captain Al Angell's property.

Since the mid-1960's I have traveled the world and lived from Boston to Seattle and points between in my corporate pursuits as a President, CEO and Group Executive of several multinational engineering and software companies.  In 1998, a quality of life choice was made to return to the beach as a permanent home.

I am very active in issues surrounding the beach including support of the Higgins Beach Association, beach profiling, volunteer activities supporting Maine Sea Grant and my past efforts as Vice Chairman of the Higgins Beach AdHoc Committee.  I look forward to seeing you on the beach.